About Us



Hi, My name is Tracy. I grew up in Chicago, a city full of beautiful art and architecture. Stained glass was an important part of the creation of many buildings there. I suppose that’s where my love of glasswork began. Flash forward to my life in Dayton, Ohio, where for years, I worked as a computer systems engineer for General Motors while also pursuing creative projects on the side. I play the piano and the guitar, and I love to read. But what really gets my juices flowing is glasswork. 

`There are many benefits to expressing oneself through visual art, and stained glass is a unique and rewarding medium. I learned techniques from others and also taught myself new skills. I now repair stained glass windows for churches and synagogues, and create custom stained glass to be placed in cabinetry or to hang in a window. The stained glass photos you see on this website may be printed rather than built, but they too reflect my love for the medium.

Stained glass allows me to express my creativity and individuality through the design and color choices I make. I can create unique pieces that reflect my personal style and aesthetic, and explore new techniques and ideas as I work.  Mindfulness and relaxation are something I crave after a long day at work.  

Stained glass is renowned for its beauty and elegance, and can add a touch of artistry and sophistication to any space. Whether I create a small piece to hang in a window or a large-scale installation for a public space, my stained glass work can have a powerful impact on those who view it.  

I also love stained glass for its rich history and cultural significance, with examples of this art form dating back to ancient Rome and the building of the world’s greatest cathedrals. By working with stained glass, I have become part of a long and storied tradition, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of this art form.

Overall, expressing myself through stained glass is a deeply rewarding and fulfilling experience, offering a unique blend of creativity, mindfulness, beauty, and cultural significance.